Address: 8310 Rd 165, Listowel, Ontario N4W 3H2

Club Phone Number 519-291-4197

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As the weather starts to change so do most of our events. While we've enjoyed another successful year of outdoor shoots (even some new shoots added this year) we are starting to move indoors for pistol games such as Bullseye (using .22 pistols and practices are on Sunday's @ 1 pm) and the ever popular Sunday Morning Sniper Matches (every 2nd Sunday @ 10 am with your favorite .22 rifle, irons or scoped).

Don't be fooled by the shotgun range being closed as of the end of November, you can still use the patterning board and the 100/200 yard ranges are always available for use during club hours throughout the winter.

Everyone should be proud of this year's efforts though. We were able to put a new roof on the indoor range portion of the club house, the shotgun tiles have been re-faced for next year and the pad has been poured for the new Shotgun Hut. The archery range was kept nice and clear for anyone wanting to fling some arrows and the 100/200 yard range saw a new idea in the way of using mulch to help alleviate some of the wear and tear on the berm.

Located in Northern Perth County, the Listowel Rifle & Revolver Club is committed to providing a place where people can safely enjoy part of our heritage, the age old past time of shooting. Whether you're looking for a recreational place to shoot or an active range with a variety of events, we've got something for everybody.

The calendar gets filled up every year with all sorts of different events ranging from Sniper & Military Shoots on the rifle range to Bullseye & PPC matches with the pistols (Members and their guests MUST be holstered trained (IPSC/PPC/CDP/IDPA) before they are permitted to engage in holstered firearms activities on any of our ranges). There's even Sunday shotgun shoot's for you scattergun fans (seasonal). Some shoots are open to the public (providing proper licensing) and some are held for members only.

LRRC Rule #15: Ranges are for use by members and invited guests only, except for those shooting events which are open to the public.

First Year Membership with Initiation Fee: $395

Yearly Fee: $195 ($150 Club + $45 C.S.S.A. Membership)

Outdoor Range Hours

Mon - Sat: 8 am - Dusk...Unless otherwise posted

Sun: 10 am - 4 pm

Indoor Range Hours

Mon - Sun: 8 am - 11 pm